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Environmental Leadership

How a quality American made product that’s built to last is ultimately the best environmental choice.

Just How Green Is Green? VPI Goes to the Next Level.

Our up-front focus on quality means our products are durable and tough, with a very long life cycle in their intended applications. The result? A diminished need to extract new resources and expend energy in the manufacture of replacement products.

It’s certainly no surprise that environmental concerns have come to the forefront of virtually every aspect of modern life. At VPI, we remain committed to this important directive, and fully understand the role we play working in partnership with you.

We also understand that environmental responsibility is a complex subject, often requiring us to consider many different perspectives.


When manufacturers tout the benefits of recycling, they often overlook the impact of the recycling process:

Energy is consumed, waste is created, and additional resources are used. Granted, this process may use less energy and resources than creating new products, but an overall negative impact on the environment is often the result. So while recycling is typically presented as an environmentally responsible practice, there’s a bigger question: Isn’t continued use of a high-quality product better than recycling?

Sustainability Is Paramount—Consider a typical paper coffee cup, one that’s made of recycled material and is also recyclable.

Unquestionably, it offers sound environmental responsibility. But isn’t a ceramic mug—one that can be used repeatedly for decades—an even better environmental choice? Preventing waste—not simply recycling waste—is the real solution to a healthy planet. Unlike many flooring products available today, our tile lasts decades, not just a few years. And that means replacement and recycling isn’t required. Instead, we offer sustainability, a solution that makes sense from financial and environmental perspectives. Simply, our belief is that while recycling is better than throwing something away, the greenest solution is using a product that lasts and lasts.