Rubber Flooring

Seven Product Families—Each With Multiple Color and Design Options.


With our full spectrum of colors, styles and patterns, your options are endless. Now, creating visually attractive floors that are texturally pleasing is easier than ever. Our commitment to you is based on a single principle: to provide you with a palette of products that inspire award-winning designs.


rolledrubber-swatchDecorative Rolled Rubber Flooring

• Extremely flexible due to high prime material content
• Fewer seams means fewer places for bacteria and microbes to gather and grow
• Perfect for healthcare facilities and daycare operations
• Calming color tones
• No harmful asbestos, cadmium, CFCs, formaldehyde or halogens

rolledrubber-swatchDecorative Slate Tile

• Rock hard textures
• Naturally bold and beautiful
• Perfect for high-traffic walkways in healthcare facilities, schools, offices and lobbies
• Low-noise characteristics, fire resistance and low-smoke density

rubberhammered-swatchDecorative Hammered Tile

• Ideal for high rolling traffic areas like health care facilities, school hallways, conference centers
• Integral for smoke, fire and noise resistance
• A critical component for creative space fabrication

rolledrubber-swatchClassic Raised Round Tile

• Geometrically inspired, perpetual motifs complement even the most challenging interiors
• Superior impact resistance
• Excellent for building entrances and exits and other high-traffic areas
• Available as “Harsh Environment” tile

rubberharsh-swatchHarsh Environment Tile

• The ultimate in resilience
• Impervious to toxic chemicals, abrasions and grease
• Enhanced safety properties

rolledrubber-swatchSpecialty Tile

• Classic Raised Square
• Large Square
• Tactile
• Deck Point