The Premier Static Control Flooring Solution

The longer that static electricity is “allowed to stay in the environment” the more likely the chance of damage. VPI Conductile® Conductive ESD tiles carry static electricity away from the environment up to twenty times faster than static dissipative tiles. In fact, more and more ESD flooring experts believe that conductive flooring should be used everywhere static protection is required.

Why Choose VPI ESD Tiles?

  • The default choice for controlling static electricity
  • For use with highly sensitive equipment and critical applications
  • Protects the most sensitive equipment by keeping static away
  • Retains its conductive properties indefinitely
  • Suited for printed circuit and chip manufacturing
  • Resists acids, alkalis, and other harsh solvents and chemicals
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty for electrical performance and a 25-year warranty for wear and tear
  • Emits zero VOC’s so is ideal choice for clean rooms where VOC elimination is critical


Available Colors

Please note: No minimum order quantity for 12" tiles. Minimum order requirements apply to all other sizes.
Due to color variations in monitor settings, please refer to actual samples for the most accurate color.