Smart Step Rubber Stair Treads

Smart Step Rubber Stair Treads

For super heavy-duty commercial applications with a focus on performance. 

Smart Step Rubber Treads are available two ways: as a one-piece,  integrated tread and riser—saving cost and installation time—or as a regular tread, when a riser is not needed. 

Features & Benefits

  • A beautiful tread that is also extremely functional
  • Choose tread and riser all-in-one or tread only design
  • Patterning and materials that reduce the risk of slips
  • Increased material thickness to strengthen key stress points
  • Multiple nose options
    • Standard Square
    • Visually Impaired
    • Tactile Grip
    • Photoluminescent Emergency Egress
  • Environmentally friendly

VPI Smart Step Rubber Treads are the best quality on the market today.

  • Specially textured underside optimizes adhesion
  • Rugged commercial grade rubber masks subfloor irregularities
  • FloorScore certified low-level LEED contributing VOC emissions
  • Backed by the longest warranty in the business
  • One-piece construction means low dirt pick-up for easy installation, cleaning and maintenance

Choose one-piece Integrated Tread/Riser or Tread only.


Available Colors